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Porcelain candle

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Alegria (joy) is essential in your life.

The fragrance of this porcelain candle is orange blossom which help to reduce stress and insomnia.

Fé (faith) means to trust in life and trust in other human being, self-confidence The fragrance of this porcelain candle Fé is Amber.


Saudade is this complex emotion combining melancholy, nostalgia and hope. It is therefore a feeling of lack, of a place or a person, of an era.

This Porcelain Candle Saudade offers a nostalgic scent reminiscent of Fig Trees from childhood. Its scent will transport you to summer days spent running freely in nature, while the porcelain construction provides a timeless aesthetic.


Terra (land) is this first wealth given to human beings and received through their work, a shared common property. It's what we want to remember and celebrate.

The Porcelain Candle Terra is perfect for your relaxation needs. Patchouli offers a calming ingredient to any meditation setting, its unique scent and essence notes help free your mind from negative thoughts.

This candle combines oriental and woody accents with sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean for a subtle and sensual scent. Enjoy burning this candle and create a unique atmosphere in any room.


Esperança (hope) is not overrated, on the contrary, recent years have proven it to us. The Porcelain Candle Esperança is the perfect reminder of hope and positivity. The candle is crafted from high quality ingredients and will burn with a soft, warm light. Invoke positive energy when you need it most with this candle. Light up your space with the Esperança Candle.

It features an exotic and energizing scent of Yuzu, which is distinct for its slightly acidity, green nuances, and subtle aromas of tea and white flower petals. Enjoy the summer freshness of this unique smell for a tranquil atmosphere. The notes of the Esperança are light flavours of mint, the heart is the Yuzu and musc at the bottom.

Porcelain candle
Porcelain candle Sale price€38,00